About Us.

Our Story:

Having previously worked with Chocolate Fountains, we noticed how much chocolate was left at the end of each event and started to think about what that could be used for, so it wasn't wasted. 

During that time, a relative had a birthday and we wanted to give her a personal gift. This set us on the path to see what we could do with melted chocolate.

With some practice, we moulded our first chocolate message and Chit Chat Chocs was started.

Our mission is to provide high quality chocolate gifts that can be personalised for any occasion. We want to help you make a loved one's day. 

Meet the Team.

Liana Smeath


Liana is the founder of Chit Chat Chocs. Having worked with Chocolate for over 10 years, she oversees the moulding and quality control of our products ensuring they always meet our high standards before they leave us. 

Bayley Smeath


As chief taster growing up, Bayley soon developed a love for Chocolate. Since then he has become passionate about it and has taken up roles in Marketing, Media and Graphic Design.